“We are too poor to buy cheap!”

This adage is more then true. Cheap materials are well-priced, but the enjoyment doesn't continues for a long time. Such work casts a damning light on the manufacturer and this is not what we strive for!

We only use first class and tested materials. This is the way to guarantee a high-quality standard - for you and us!

On the right side you can get an overview of our materials - Leather, Artificial leather, Microfiber textils, Foams, Cover textils, Planes, Care products and Incidentals.

  • original automobile leather (e.g. Porsche-nappa, MB, BMW, VW, ...)
  • automobile leather from free suppliers
  • special marine leather
  • special airplane leather
    Artificial leather
  • leatherette for object and vehicle
  • special marine leatherette
  • special medical leatherette (fastness to sweat and saliva, blood-proof, antimicrobial)
  • Anti-Slip-leatherette for bikes
  • mildew-proof & UV-stable leatherette for boots and outdoor utils
  • marked leatherette (e.g. alligator, ostrich, ...)
  • Effect-leatherette
  • Alcantara (auch Ultrasuede [US] oder Ecsaine [Japan])
  • high robust microfibre textils (scrub resistance 100.000!)
  • well-priced microfibre textils for home
  • cold-cure foam
  • PU-foam
  • baby- & allergy-tested foam
  • gel mats
    Cover textils
  • cover textils of firm Sattler® ("NAUtex PREMIUM" Yachtmaster II Premium und Covermaster PREMIUM)
  • cover textils of premium brand markilux®
  • lorry-plans
  • advertising-plans
    Care products
  • leather care
  • leather maintenance
  • leather conditioning
  • div. ironware (Tenax, Minax, tarpaulin buttons, eyelets, ...)
  • zippers